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Lanex Manufacturing Inc. is a Tier II & Tier III automotive and non-automotive parts supplier. Lanex specializes in stampings, wire forms, headed product, tube forms and assemblies. Lanex was established in 1988 by Bruce Lane and is managed by both him and his wife, Beth Lane. Bruce is currently President, Beth operates as CEO, Zak Lane is the VP Sales, Engineering and Brendan Lane is the General Manager.

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Wire Forming

Lanex has the capability to provide finished and semi finished Wire forms depending upon our customer’s needs. In house prototyping and product development capabilities are applied, as required, and supported by more than 40 years of wire forming experience.

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Lanex can meet and in many instances exceed all your tube needs. With experience ranging from a simple bend to an intricate form. Pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical forming operations expand our capabilities and allow for Lanex to take on many high demand parts that the competition just cannot produce.

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Lanex provides a variety of assemblies, including; hot upset striker, small hand tape and mechanical. Lanex has also developed superior techniques in mating different types of steels, including rare alloys and SS products.

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Lanex provides our customers with superior stamping solutions. Lanex offers a press capacity ranging from 50-600 ton, a variety of bed sizes, Progressive, as well as hand transfer dies and one off dies.

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Precision Machining & Tool Building

In house capability from design to build and into production of small to medium size stamping tools.

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Custom Barriers

Providing custom builds and installs for all of your sneeze and cough guard needs in the service industry, dental and medical offices and other office settings.

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