Lanex has the capability to provide finished and semi finished Wire forms depending upon our customer’s needs. In house prototyping and product development capabilities are applied, as required, and supported by more than 40 years of wire forming experience. Our process capabilities include but are not limited to cold forging, mechanical forming, coining/flattening, annealing, straight and cut, piercing, etc. With top of the line processing equipment we can offer the necessary services to satisfy all of your wire needs.

Striker Wires

Lanex Manufacturing is an industry leader in the striker wire field relating to closure and locking applications. Using our internally developed semi to fully automatic striker forming processes, Lanex is able to accommodate the striker wire demands of its customers at market competitive prices.

Cold & Hot Forging

Providing a wide variety of cold headed product Lanex has grown this integral side of its business into an industry leading tier II to Tier III supplier. Constantly striving to develop new techniques and improve on product output the Lanex team has become a go to source on the more intricate of parts and a superior supplier for more standard product line. Cold headed product line includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Exhaust Suspension Wires (Exhaust Hangers)
  • Closure Striker Wires (Side door, Rear Deck/Trunk, Hood)
  • Seat locking Strikers (up to 14mm DIA)
  • Anti Rotation Ball end Wires